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Founded by Marc Dubin, Esq., former Special Counsel to the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women, CAVNET (Communities Against Violence Network) serves to bring together experts and advocates addressing violence against women, human rights, suicide, school violence, bullying, and crime victims with disabilities. We are a partner with Lifetime Television's End Violence Against Women Project and a recipient of a Ms. Foundation grant.To join, send a resume or brief bio to Marc Dubin, Esq, Executive Director, at Marc may also be contacted by cell phone at 305-896-3000. See Follow Marc on Twitter:@ADAExpertise

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sarah Buel, Esq., About CAVNET

Sarah Buel, Esq.

"CAVNET has been an invaluable resource to my law students and me, allowing us to access experts and materials not available elsewhere. From CAVNET we have gained invaluable materials and contacts on a wide range of issues, from those regarding deaf and physically disabled victims, to state-of-the-art batterer's intervention program options. Repeatedly, I have found recent case decisions, new legislation and sample legal memoranda readily available.. Such materials have saved my colleagues and me countless hours of research and writing time, but more importantly, have allowed me to access information not available elsewhere...."


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