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Founded by Marc Dubin, Esq., former Special Counsel to the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women, CAVNET (Communities Against Violence Network) serves to bring together experts and advocates addressing violence against women, human rights, suicide, school violence, bullying, and crime victims with disabilities. We are a partner with Lifetime Television's End Violence Against Women Project and a recipient of a Ms. Foundation grant.To join, send a resume or brief bio to Marc Dubin, Esq, Executive Director, at Marc may also be contacted by cell phone at 305-896-3000. See Follow Marc on Twitter:@ADAExpertise

Saturday, January 26, 2013

CAVNET and Crime Victims With Disabilities

Put The Expertise of CAVNET To Work For You

In addition to addressing violence against women, CAVNET has also sought to bring together expertise and information on crime victims with disabilities.  Experts and advocates participating in CAVNET include practitioners specializing in crime victims with disabilities, as well as disability rights advocates, and they are available for consultation with other members.

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